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I would like to begin with a little disclaimer, first off, I am not a Vedanta teacher nor do I claim to be one, I am merely sharing my understanding of Vedanta, as such, what I present on this website is not to be taken as authoritative or conclusive with regards Vedanta. I am just sharing my understanding and gratitude, an understanding that was aided by Vedanta - the Mirror which finally showed me what I truly am. If you’re interested in further study of Vedanta, there are links at the bottom of this page to actual teachers who were authorized to teach Vedanta.


Secondly, I am not a writer, so please excuse bad grammar and syntax or any spelling errors that I may have made with the writing on this site. As long as my spelling and grammar doesn't affect my ability to communicate ideas, I'm not too concerned, and you shouldn't be too concerned either.


Thirdly, I will try (where possible) to steer clear from obscure words and texts to the best of my ability, and try and present Vedanta in the most understandable and digestible format possible, which means I will be using a lot of metaphor and euphemism. So don't take them literally, they are more like evocations that aid understanding.
And finally, this site is a work in progress, think of it as an online book that is being written chapter by chapter over a space of time. I will try to write at least one post a week, as well as producing images and videos every fortnight or so. So bear with me. Thank you.

"Om Tat Sat !"


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James Swartz

Swami Dayananda

Explore Vedanta


Ted Schmidt


Arlindo Nagar Moraes


" The mind is a garden in which Vedanta plants the seed of Self-Knowledge, which eventually becomes a great tree "

~ James Swartz

" It is not wrong to

be ignorant; it is an error

to continue to be ignorant "

~ Swami Dayananda


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